Our Dive Schedule & Packages

Morning dive schedule 

At Rubicon Diving we dive 363 days a year at sites in Playa Blanca and Puerto Del Carmen. For our morning dives we meet at our three dive centres at 08.30. Our dive boats leave just after 09.00 for the first dive of the day. Each boat has a qualified skipper and dive guide and can take up to 15 divers.

Depending upon the dive location we return to the harbour/marina for a surface interval with coffee and cakes and to pick up a new tank. After the surface interval we usually leave at about 11.00 to 11.15 for the second dive of the day. The second dive is always to a different site and we take care to ensure that as many different sites as possible are visited during the week. We usually return to the Dive Centre at about 13.30 to wash our gear, relax with a hot shower and get your log book signed off.

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Afternoon dive schedule

For those divers who do not wish to make two dives in a day or do not like the idea of waking up early on holiday we also offer a dive in the afternoon. For the afternoon dives we meet at around 14.45 to leave just after 15.00. Our afternoon dives are ideal for novice divers who may want to build up their dive log or for dive addicts that want to dive three times a day! We also have a guaranteed dive to the Museo Atlantico each afternoon in case you missed this amazing dive in the morning.

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Dive Packages

For those of you who want to dive as many sites as possible during your stay we offer 6 and 10 dive packages at discounted rates. Our 6 and 10 dive packs entitle you to 3 and 5 days of diving respectively. If you book one of our dive packages we will try to ensure that you visit as many different dive sites as possible during your time with us. With our dive boats moored in Playa Blanca, Puerto Calero and Puerto Del Carmen you are sure to get the widest range of dive sites on offer on the island.

1 afternoon dive

Afternoons at 15:00h


2 morning dives

Meet at 08:30h


6 dive package

3 days of diving


10 dive package

5 days of diving


Full rental dive gear is available at 5€/dive.

Nitrox is available to certified Nitrox divers at an additional cost of €2.50 per dive

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